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This powerful Big Brute will suck up liquids and automatically pump itself empty at the same time without a pause in the suction operation. It can suck water at a rate of a gallon a second and is ideal for the recovery of water from floods or continuous cleaning operations.

It will take flooded areas from total flood conditions to damp conditions in one continuous operation. The Big Brute Floodman will handle free flowing slurries with solid objects of up to 10mmØ. An integral filter recovers oversize solids. The external pump can pump out faster than the suction can recover and can be switched from fully automatic continous pump out to a manual stop/start operation.

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Big Brute Floodman

1. Big Brute Floodman

The ultimate in rapid recovery and removal of water and liquids from floods or continuous cleaning operations. The Big Brute Floodman has simultaneous suction and pumping with flow rates up to 1 gallon per second.