Waste Oil

Cleaning waste oil from CNC, milling and production machines always used to be a messy business. Not with the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.

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Big Brute Wet & Dry - Oil

1. Big Brute Wet & Dry - Oil

The Wet and Dry will handle liquids and sludge, including waste engine oil. This clip shows the Big Brute Wet & Dry used with the Interceptor Lid for open topped drums.

Big Brute Suck & Pump

2. Big Brute Suck & Pump

The Big Brute Suck & Pump is ideal for the recovery and handling of liquids with some solids. With variable discharge rate.

Big Brute Wet & Dry

3. Big Brute Wet & Dry

The Big Brute Wet & Dry is perfect for sludge, thick mud as found in blocked gulleys.

Big Brute Suck & Pump Oil Vac

4. Big Brute Suck & Pump Oil Vac

For the removal and separation of large swarf all the way down to the pastes, sediment and fines use the Suck & Pump Oil Vac.