Who's Hiring Big Brutes?

Whether you've got a short term cleaning application or just want to test out a Big Brute on your own premises, you can hire one out.

Here's a small selection of what Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are being hired out for.

Focus Asbestos

Focus Asbestos hired  a Big Brute for 3 months to remove asbestos-impregnated dust on purlins, roof structures and gantries in a foundry when replacing an old asbestos roof.

The dust was sucked from a height of 20 meters.

Tutuka Power Station

The Big Brute easily sucked dust from the bag house through a vertical distance of 40 metres and through a further horizontal distance of 40 metres.

Sapphire Cleaning

Prior to the occupation of an office block in Fredman Drive, Sandton, the Big Brute was used to clean dust from seven stories of concrete garage floors.

Stone Air Conditioning

The Big Brute was used for the maintenance of industrial air conditioning units. Dust was cleaned from the units and accumulated water was also sucked out.